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About PLAstudio

“Born to be rebellious” is the best description for Y.C. Chang, the founder of PLAstudio. Comes from a business family, but chooses to be a Biochemistry scientist. Since to be a father, he starts to search Eco-Friendly products and consider the possibility to protect his 1st born baby away from plastics effects. After years research, he chooses to leave the Lab and explores this Eco-Friendly field on 2010.
PLAstudio is a manufacturer with specialty in Plastics Injection Molding based on PLA material. This Eco-friendly material is derived from Nature Plan Starch such as corn, potato, and tapioca. With food safety and biodegradation, it is usually used to make disposal products. However, with increasing Heat and Hydrolysis Resistance, PLA products is also reusable which helps on waste elimination.
Eco-Friendly concepts including Renewable, Reusable, Compostable, and Low Carbon Emission. Therefore, we believe PLA is the best candidate to replace petroleum-based plastics. We wish to promote this valuable Eco-Friendly material by creative design ideas. Welcome join us.