Eco Can-420

Eco Can-420

Customized Projects available !

Eco Can is available for your customized project. We are expecting for your creative ideas. You can visit our customized works.

Eco Can 專屬客製化 !

Eco Can 可以按照您的設計進行客製化印刷。我們非常期待您的創意與驚喜,請參閱我們客製化的成果與作品。

This Eco Can is a travel mug made from PLA material which derived from Corn Starch with Biodegradable and Compostable property. This Eco Can product is Heat Resistant and designed for reusable. It helps on waste elimination. Absolutely, we knew PLA material is one kind of Bio-Based Plastics. We call it "i'm not plastic" for slogan and enhance the difference from PLA disposal items.

本產品是由PLA原料所製成之環保隨手杯。PLA是由天然植物澱粉萃取之材料,具有食品安全與生物可分解之特性。Eco Can具有良好的耐熱性,並且被設計成可重複使用,因為我們相信可重複使用之產品能幫助減少垃圾的製造量。另外,我們也知道PLA原料屬於生物基塑膠材料之一,我們希望藉由"我不是塑膠"的口號提醒Eco Can產品與拋棄式產品的不同。

The raw material of this Eco Can is certified by USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) with Bio-based, and also Petroleum and BPA free. It's healthful for you and our mother Earth. Yes, we knew PLA material is usually used for disposal items. After years improvement, however, we keep its biodegradable property and already made PLA material into Heat Resistant and Reusable. And, we also knew you never use one single mug for entire life. Why not join us and enjoy this creative ECO ideas !

Eco Can 製成之材料經過美國農業部檢驗並獲得生物材料標章,且不含石油基成分,當然也不含雙酚A,照顧你健康的同時也達到環境友善的目的。我們知道PLA原料通常被用來製作成拋棄式產品,但是經過多年的研發與改進,我們已經可以在兼顧生物分解特行的同時讓PLA原料達到耐熱與重複性使用。我們也知道一個千年不腐的杯子並不是你真正需要的產品,何不帶著Eco Can讓你體驗不無聊的環保行動。