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Platics Waste Beyond Imagination

More than 400 million tons of plastics waste has been produced around the world every year. Only 9% of them are entering recycle system, the rest still exists in our environment, including oceans and lands.

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Plastics Makes Life Easier. But What Cost?

Instead of complete disappearance, plastics will be split into small and invisible particles which is called as microplastics. It is spreading all over the oceans and lands, and putting at risk the health of plants and animals. At the top of food chain, we, human being, will soon end up eating microplastics too.


Elimination Is The Best. And Bioplastics Helps

The best solution of elimination is to choose reusable products and to fulfill recycle processing. Besides, durable products which made from Stainless Steel and compostable products those made from Bioplastics can also help.

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PLA: One of the Bioplastics and the Best

Bio-based material is NOT equal to Biodegradation. Among Bioplastics, PLA is derived from plant starch and has biodegradable and compostable properties. It’s the best candidate to replace petroleum plastics.